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All customer feedback in one platform. Highly focused on insights. Uncomplicated and trustworthy. We bridge the divide between you and your customer.
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Respond more efficiently

It's all about having oversight of all of your customer feedback and taking back control of your brand messaging. Never miss a negative review again. Discover your brand's influencers. Respond to direct messages instantly.

Spot negative trends faster

How do you rate on TripAdvisor, Google, Yelp and other review sites? How do you score against restaurant choice drivers, such as "food," "consistency," "service" and "value for money?" What trends are company-wide or location-specific? Deep-dive into your data, and make the right business decisions today.

Collect more customer data and feedback

Do you need more customer feedback? Create all types of surveys and forms, i.e. NPS, CSAT, NPD, etc. Detect unhappy customers before they write about you online. Drive more customers to your restaurants with clever and personalized marketing.

Keep track of team tasks

Are your marketing, operations, customer success and front-line teams aligned? Assign tasks, solve complaints, forward screenshots, communicate and follow up on to do's from one easy, collaborative hub.

Are you monitoring the correct channels?

AreTheyHappy integrates with the most important online channels that your customers are active on

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Messenger
  • Google My Business
  • TripAdvisor
  • Yelp
  • Twitter
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Spaghetti House

Working with AreTheyHappy has transformed the way in which we communicate with our guests. The platform is accessible and easy to use, and the team is so reliable, always going above and beyond. AreTheyHappy allows us to communicate effectively with our guests on a daily basis, as well as provides insights and analytics regarding our customer service!

Lindsay KruitwagenDigital Marketing Executive

AreTheyHappy makes it really easy for us to keep track of the many reviewes we get. We never miss to respond anymore and we get really nice analytics about what our customers think! Also, the team is just incredible, and always there for us!!!

Carola MauckMarketing Consultant

With AreTheyHappy, we can now easily see the data that shows us which operational aspects are working better than before. We give the feedback to the people on the workfloor, so that they feel respected and have a chance to develop!

Peter Van PraetCofounder and Concept Guardian
Balls and Glory

We've been using AreTheyHappy from the beginning and we are glad to see how the tool is maturing - from its social listening to its analytics to its publishing. We have five Balls & Glory locations and plan to keep growing. AreTheyHappy helps us manage our social media and reviews, and helps up respond to customer feedback much quicker.

Wim BailleuFounder & Owner

We now save a lot of time following up on customer feedback. AreTheyHappy is really handy for teams. Our location managers only see the messages belonging to their restaurant. But, as a founder, I see everything.

Bernard SironvalFounder

AreTheyHappy makes it super easy to really understand how customers feel when eating, drinking or dancing the night away at Amigo. It’s an essential tool in our growth & workflow.

Jules GahideCofounder

AreTheyHappy makes it easy. Try it for free.

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