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Digital Marketer at AreTheyHappy (EN)

Who we are?

We are an award-winning B2B tool that supports restaurants, restaurant chains and bars, that supports with management of their online reputation.

At AreTheyHappy, we are motivated by the belief that, even in the digital age, doing business is still essentially about people, relationships and community. We give businesses world-wide the tools to answer the all-important question: “Are my customers happy?”

Who we are looking for?

We are experiencing awesome growth, both on domestic and international markets, and are looking for an entrepreneurial and successful Marketer who is driven by results, excited by targets and who puts their customers first. Together, we will deliver unparalleled content and value to our customers. If this gets you excited, we need to talk!

Your Background:

Job Description

We offer

Why we need you:

Online customer care is the new marketing. More and more business realize that a great online presence has a positive impact on their results. We need your help to share our message and vision to all types of business owners. Are you or someone you know up for the challenge?


Please send an email with your CV and motivation to  [email protected]  and we’ll get back to you asap!